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Veesham Testimonial – Suketu Dani – Zameel Decor

Veesham Testimonial Thank you Suketu for the trust and the friendship over the years. We truly appreciate and honor it.

Did You Know? Top 10 most read magazine in the world!

DId You Know It is amazing how many readers these magazines have! Check out the list in the link!

Veesham Client Diaries – Reejoe Jack Mammen – Union Paper Mills

Veesham Client Diaries

It was really a great pleasure to work with you Reejoe! You are always welcome in our office and couldn’t wait for your next visit! To know more about Reejoe and his team, visit their website at

Veesham Recommends – Dr. Sherebanu Katawala – Essentia Wellbeing Centre

Veesham Recommends

This week, Veesham highly recommends

Dr. Sherebanu Katawala – Essentia Wellbeing Centre

At Essentia they offer a unique range of therapeutic and healing services to be able to effectively work through issues and bring about permanent, long-lasting changes. These reflect as holistic shift on all levels in thoughts, emotions, energy and body.

Get in touch with Dr. Sherebanu at or at 056 677 9681 for more information!

Veesham Testimonials – Louise B of I Heart Me

Veesham Testimonial

Excellence and Customer Service are indeed what we strive for every time. Thank you for the kind words Louise and we couldn’t be more estatic to be of service to you. To know more about what Louise and her team do, please visit her website at

Did You Know? Edible Ink on Chips!

Did you know

Pringles once combined inkjet printing with food coloring to print trivia questions and answers on their chips?

Veesham Client Diaries – Divesh Gidwani of CRA Trading

Client Diaries

It is always good to see our BNI friends on board. We appreciate your trust in us Divesh! To know more about what Divesh and his team do, visit his website at

Veesham Recommends – Derrick Best of Total Precon


This week, Veesham highly recommends Derrick Best of Total Precon

Everybody is unique, so every journey will be too. They’re main focus is working closely with clinics and other health & wellness professionals to integrate clients safely back into a progressive training program after completing Rehab/physiotherapy. They bring this premium service to our clients via a carefully constructed 3-step process.

Get in touch with Derrick at or 052 524 6758 for more information!

A Begginer’s Guide To Design

Theme Small

Designing Your Branding 101

Whether you own a small business, a personal blog, and even a corporation, a good design is very crucial to any business. Be it to be used in your website, your collateral, and ads, it has to be in sync with your branding and of course, the mission and vision of your company. Hiring a designer can be quite hefty in the pocket for some, so we have gathered a couple of basic tips to apply to your designs that professional designers will agree you should do:

Use grids – The best design and photo manipulation software will allow you to place a grid over your design, which will allow you to ensure that everything is in line properly.

Utilize space – Filling all possible white space will make your design look cluttered, and people looking at it won’t know where to start.

Choose the right fonts -Fun, playful fonts can look great, but if you run a law firm you’re not giving off the right impression. Choose the suitable font for your business and nature.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS… USE A TEMPLATE– Design isn’t for everyone, and if you’re banging your head on your keyboard trying to make your original design look even halfway passable, it may be worth using a template.

More importantly, we have in-house designers that might be of assistance to you. Call us to get to know more.

Veesham Products – Magazines


Got Magazines and Newsletter coming up? We are more than happy to help! Its as easy as 1- Send us the file for review 2- Approve the Sample and Quote 3- We will print and deliver at your doorsteps!