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Veesham Product – Letterheads

Product Creative and Customized Letterheads!

Veesham Testimonial – Suraj Anthraper – Chabowski Trading LLC

Veesham Testimonial

Thank you Suraj for all your kind words and continuous support!

Did You Know? The History of Comic Books?

Veesham Did You Know

One of the first creators of comics was William Hogarth (1697–1764). Hogarth created seven sets of sequential images on “Modern Moral Subjects”.[4] One of his works, A Rake’s Progress, was composed of a number of canvases, each reproduced as a print, and the eight prints together created a narrative. Find out more here

Veesham Client Diaries – Shree Hari and Sunil Bagat

Veesham Client Diaries

It is really amazing what you do Shree and Sunil! And we are very glad to be part of your success!

Veesham Recommends – Mohannad Abou Hammound of Cactix

Veesham Recommends This week, Veesham highly recommends Mohannad Abou Hammound of Cactix

“No matter what business you’re in, you are in the business of acquiring customers.” This has been their motto at Cactix since they started back in 2011, and it has guided the way they help their clients achieve success.

Get in touch with Mohannad at 055 741 6042 or for more information!

Why Size Truly Matters!

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If there’s a special event on your horizon, chances are you want massive and maximum reach. A promotional banner is most likely on your to do list.

But there are unlimited access to banner applications now, hence the sizes are also limitless. It is indeed important to know that you do the correct banner size for your event.

Here are some practical checklist to consider.

What is your message? Do you need a long headline? Graphics? And your branding? These all calls for a large banner as cramming multiple elements in a smaller banner will not only be not readable but will also be not visually attractive.

How large is the event space? To stand out in a large outdoor space or arena-sized indoor venue, you’ll need a larger banner. Putting a small one wont catch the eye of your audience and worst, your competitor’s banner will truly shine out. If the venue is rather small, a small one will be a practical choice. A big banner will not only look out of place but also may be difficult to install.

How many will be attending? Popular events call for larger banners. It’s likely that you’ll be competing with others for the eyes and imagination of visitors. That said, if you are one of but a few exhibitors at an event such as an educational conference or coin show, you may be able to achieve your goal with a smaller sign.

Need help with your event banners? Part of what our company stands for is to ensure our customers satisfaction and overall fulfillment. We can help you from the design to printing and delivery! Talk to us to find out more.

Veesham Products – Paper Bags

Veesham Product

Inspire and Wow your customer with your packaging.

Veesham Testimonial – Natalia Zvonareva – Furniture & Decor Exchange


Thank you for the lovely words Natalia. These are what our company strives for! More power to your company too!

Did You Know? How Cardboard Box is Made?

Did You Know

It seems the beginnings of cardboard dates back to China, about three or four thousand years ago. During the first and second century B.C., the Chinese of the Han Dynasty would use sheets of treated Mulberry tree bark (the name used for many trees in the genus Moras) to wrap and preserve foods.

Veesham Client Diaries – Khalid Rasmi

Veesham Client Diaries

Its such a pleasure having you around Khalid! And your print outs are very creative too!