Covid Collateral

Health & Hygiene are paramount. The global war to overcome the Covid pandemic is being fought on many fronts. Veesham has been open throughout the period of restrictions printing non-stop the supplies required to keep the infection from spreading. And now with normalcy returning we are ensuring that our everyone remains safe with the full range of Covid collateral printed at Veesham.

Perspex Screens are transparent barriers that protect you from infection while retaining visibility. All customer interaction desks are being fitted with these Perspex Screens made from quality and durable material. We can supply them.

Floor Stickers to caution and inform people to maintain the guidelines issued for social distancing and hygiene are springing up almost everywhere including entrances, exits, pillars, walls and floors. Veesham prints Floor Stickers, Wall Stickers that are durable and rugged to withstand heat and water and stay glued to surfaces with a strong bond.

Labels for Hand Sanitizers in different shapes and sizes for a variety of containers such as bottles, cans, sprays are being printed at our press.

Display Boards for outdoor and indoor display to caution, inform and guide public for observing the Covid precautions are printed at Veesham Printing Press.

Rollup Banners are quick to install, portable and good for use at entrances, exits, and office spaces like pantries, toilets, and other places that people meet. Messages for social distancing and hygiene are available with us for a rapid turnaround with your branding.

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