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Veesham serves event organizers, corporate customers, government enterprises for their print and packaging needs during exhibitions, expositions, seminars and private events.

Our expertise is evident in the products for events such as Corrugated Stands, Pop Ups, Cut-Outs, Roll Up Stands, Gondolas, Wobblers, Posters, Stickers, Signage, Backdrop, Wall Branding, Flags, Table Tents, and more.

Corporate Events
Event invitations for corporate events are supported by entry tickets, name badges, lapel pins, program-hand out, and fliers.

Vehicle Graphics and Outdoor Signage is yet another specialty that we have in-house ensuring that you get all your requirements completed under one roof.

Printing on Gifts
We can print on any gift articles that you may source from us our from outside. We provide screen printing services on your gift articles. We can also provide pens, T-shirts, mugs, calendars, diaries, coasters and a never-ending range of gift items, that you must call us to believe.

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