Business Cards: An Impression That Lasts Long

Business cards remain the quickest and most professional way to exchange contact information in business meetings. The exchange of the printed card is still more impactful than exchanging contact information on smartphones during the first meet.

The business card design carries the first tangible impression of your business when used at seminars, client meetings, networking events, trade fairs and exhibitions. A business card is the first encounter, so make it count with smart design elements sure to impress the recipient.

A few key points that are to be considered when designing business cards:

Brand identity

A business card is an instant way to communicate the company’s brand identity, almost like a snapshot of your company. With unique design elements and cutting-edge print finishes, create a good impression on your target audience and drive recipients to hold a card worth keeping. The wise placement of text, images and logos would convey your brand message effectively.

Style element

It is necessary to create cards that stand out with distinct style elements, color choices, and well-thought-out content to speak favorably of your company brand.

Do not leave the back of your business card blank. Utilize the space for adding valuable information such as a noteworthy statement, multiple office locations, and the social media handles of your company to drive recipients to your online presence.

Signature tool

Cards give your people a sense of belonging and importance. It is a sign that makes employees feel part of your organization.

We all agree that emails can lose sight in spam or can be unintentionally deleted. On the other hand, business cards are concrete and tactile and are easily retrieved from an organized card holder. These cards thus come handy in finding out a company’s details quickly. The interchange of business cards allows the recipient to easily locate each other on the digital platform. With the contact details on the card, it takes a few clicks to connect on LinkedIn or to send a greeting over email. 

Superior finishes

The final appearance speaks volumes about your business and creates an impression about your brand. The thin paper finish appears inferior and is susceptible to tears. The use of good quality expensive paper signifies quality.

The texture of your card is a great way to add a dimension of interest, driving people to take notice as soon as they hold your card. Print techniques such as spot UV and embossing can add embellishment to the card. Matt and silk prints give a lasting superior finishing.

Even though we have leap-frogged into the world of digital connections, business cards yet remain an important piece of business collateral. Make sure your business card is a positive reflection of both you and your company, and it mirrors your well-defined brand identity.

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