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Custom Printed Paper Bags: The Power Of Marketing

As a printing company, we do a lot of work for customers associated with their advertising and promotions. While the use of flyers, brochures, and even roll-up is commonplace, We feel that an area that has high potential is Paper Bags.

A carry bag, as the name suggests is carried around, and the utility of the bag is multi-fold. It is not just for ferrying something from one place to another, but after its first use, it can be used for storing and has a high-potential for re-use.

Watch our video on Different Types of Paper Bags

Retail trade was the first segment to grab the opportunity for free advertising and started investing in branding their bags with not just their logo, but catchy slogans and products. There is immense potential for not just shops, but any business that needs to hand-deliver goods.

A restaurant that earlier had plain bags and containers then caught on to the opportunity and started printing their brand on their parcel bags and containers. Even small-time groceries have started branding their carry-bags.

I think there is immense potential for a lot of other organizations to benefit from free publicity by branding carry-bags for seasonal corporate gifts, yearly calendars, souvenirs, and promotional giveaways. The multi-functional and multiple uses of the carry-bag are worth the investment in printing and stocking these bags.

The choice of material for the bag is also a clever way of creating your brand position. Recycled paper bags score high on environment-conscious customers and gives your brand a higher value. Spending a little more on special finishing or using a durable material also has its benefits with wider and longer use thus increasing the publicity value.

At Veesham, we specialize in designing, printing, and constructing paper bags for a wide range of customers in the retail, restaurants, and corporate sector. We can create bags made with Art paper, wood-free paper, kraft paper, or special hand-made paper. The handle can be made from colored PP rope, silk, cotton, twister paper, or cotton tape. Finishing is important, and we have a wide range to choose from viz. gold and silver foil stamps, spot UV, spot UV varnish, Matt lamination finish, or glossy lamination finish, hot stamping, embossed logo process, or paper ribbed.

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