E-commerce Packaging: How To Attract Your Customers?

The Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have spurred a drastic change in consumer buying behavior. There has been a steep surge in shopping traffic on online platforms across all categories. This has accelerated the E-commerce shipments and home-delivery services.

While the world is grappling with the pandemic, E-commerce companies are exploring multiple ways to enhance their package designs. Their aim is to meet stringent safety, hygiene, and sustainability goals, alongside pressures to keep the cost minimal.


The excitement to open a present on our birthday is the same when you wait to unbox a product ordered online. An innovative packaging and a stunning bag will create that wow factor in the customer.

Namshi is a homegrown online fashion retail outlet of the Arab world. It has found footing at a moment when fashion E-commerce is trending with a digital-savvy customer base. The unique package has contrast colors and fun lines like ‘I’m what you’ve been waiting for’. This ignites the fun moment to grab the box and open it with excitement. ‘Shop it, wear it, share it’ spreads the word.


Package design plays a prime role in how customers perceive your brand. Customers not only care about the products they receive, but also the box it is delivered in. The package must draw attention and protect the contents. As consumer preferences evolve over time, packaging solutions must keep up with trends.

With the recent events, Noon has become a grocery shop (Noon Daily). It delivers food supplies in high-end tamper-proof packages to customers in KSA, UAE, and Egypt. The glossy yellow color on the package makes the parcel appear so lively and bright.


Consumers are increasingly demanding hygiene-assured packs and single-use disposable containers. This is to ensure the minimal viability of the virus. Another factor is to create truly biodegradable package materials to mitigate the spread of harmful substances into the environment.

Amazon is setting standards to improve packaging for a better consumer experience and reduction in environmental waste. Amazon’s FFP is 100% recyclable, easy to open (within 42 seconds), and protects the product. It creates minimal, protective, and more functional packaging for customers.

Recently, Amazon also featured third-party advertising on the packaging. A billboard concept on the box adds to the revenue considerably. It also presents a novel way of cross-branding and promotion.

At Veesham, we can make your E-Commerce packaging stand out in this competitive world of online sales. Packagings with abstract graphic design and lots of vibrant colors help brands stand out from the competition.

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