6 Ways to Use Large Format Printing

Large format printing is becoming a widely used process for all sizes of businesses to use for their advertising and marketing materials. One of the most substantial benefits of printing large format is the ability to print large pieces to allow graphics to come to life and get your company message to stand out from your competitors.

Where can you advertise using Large Format Printing

We’re living in an incredibly exciting time, where there is minimal restriction on how and where you advertise your business. With the possibility to advertise across buses, train stations, buildings, taxi’s and entire windows of high-rise buildings, it’s tough to understand why many businesses aren’t taking advantage of the unused out of home advertising space. The world is your oyster and you don’t even have to pay for space if it’s your own property. Let’s take a look at some places where you can display Large Format Printing so that your business can profit.

1. Banner Printing

Having the capability to print 36” and 44″ wide and up to 100′ long is why large format printing is great for banners. Want to display your logo and contact information, have a large banner printed and hang it from a tree or set up some temporary posts. Want to display the opening day or your new business? Hanging a temporary banner in your storefront will help spread the word.

2. Trade Show Booths

At trade shows, you want your booth to be eye-catching and attractive. Using large format printed material will help you create a booth that will draw the attention of the trade show attendees and create a buzz about your product. 

3. Festivals and Community Events

Businesses that are involved in community events or host small festivals can use large format printing to create banners to hang from your business, or if your city allows, string across the main road. You could even print graphics that stick to the road in front of each vendor for more visibility.

4. Business Grand Openings

Large format printing is great to advertise the opening date of your business. If you have to cover the windows of your store while you are setting things up inside, use window clings to give a teaser of what is to come. 

 5. Retail Graphics

In-store graphics like wall graphics or signage that hang from the ceiling are great uses for large format printing. Small businesses that only need one or two of the same graphic print will benefit the most from the short print run and size range of large format printers. 

 6. Poster Printing

Printed on glossy paper, posters are a great and economical way to advertise your products or services. Small concert venues can use large format printing to create huge posters to advertise upcoming shows. 

A large format printer is a very versatile piece of machinery. With all of the advances in ink and paper technologies, any project can be printed on these machines. Veesham’s Large Format Painting can provide you with the benefits of durability as well as a large display area. This will allow your message and products to have the visibility you need to stand out.

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