Printed Calendars and Planners: Important as Ever

In the era of digitization, one may assume that printed calendars and planners are out of fad. Indeed, not only have they survived the digital revolution but surprisingly the demand has also increased. One cannot deny the importance of the printed calendars and planners.

They are functional little things that get us organized in our hectic lives. They provide a quick glimpse through our tasks, appointments, and plans. Planners also keep our minds on the important tasks to accomplish. There is certainly no give up on the printed calendar trend in the electronic age due to the convenience they offer. 

I enumerate the sure benefits of the tried-and-true printed calendars and planners. 

 Immediate utility 

Though printed and digital calendars can co-exist, printed versions provide the benefit of immediate utility—there is no login information, booting time or a fumble with typing.  

Just pen your priorities down and you gain control over your tasks.  

Aesthetics with functionality 

Printed calendars and planners elegantly combine aesthetics with functionality. Custom made with vibrant color codes and themes they catch the eye when placed on the wall or desk. 

Themes could be gorgeous holiday destinations, inspirational personalities, motivational quotes, something that creates a spark or makes you happy. 

Immediate availability of planners

You get agitated when need to open a tab, run a software and launch another app to access a screen calendar.  

A printed calendar and planner available on your desk solve this hassle, saving your time. They are also easy to carry along being portable documents. 

Planners cause no distractions 

Printed planners don’t incessantly interrupt us with beeps and the dreaded low battery, plug-in charge. Frequent notifications and messages annoy most people.

On a printed calendar you get a reminder at a glance, and if you have a multi-page agenda, you can just do a quick flip through. Nothing beats the simplicity of printed calendars and planners.  

The popularity of gifting calendars and planners still exists. As the year-end approaches, many households and offices prepare to design new calendars and planners. It is a requisite to print and deliver your calendar early. 

At Veesham Printing Press, give your 2021 calendar or planner a one-of-a-kind design, branded with your logo for a real professional look. And lastly, complete it with a super-smooth quality finish. 

Come visit us to sit with our graphic designing team to customize your very own calendar, if you haven’t already done so. Being known as the friendliest printer in Dubai, we pride ourselves on our clients’ trust to deliver on-time every time. 

We look forward to meeting your requirements for calendars, diaries, and planners. Please reach us on 800 VEESHAM (833 7426) or send an email to  

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