7 Tips to Design Stunning Brochures

Brochures are a compact and cost-effective way to communicate your business insights. An interesting design paired with clear information will create an attractive brochure. Here are some tips that will make your brochure stand out from the rest.

Pick a purpose for your brochures

Having a good idea about the purpose of your brochure will help create a more apt design. Listing down your objectives for the brochure can be a great way to begin the design process. A stunning brochure has an equal emphasis on content and creatives.

Times aren’t Roman anymore

Picking too many fonts can make your brochure look bleak. Instead, try using a consistent font throughout the design. This will give the brochure a more sophisticated look which can be easily read. Sticking to a heading, subheading and body font will do the trick. Using fonts like Helvetica and Rockwell will make headlines look refined.

Readers are not Mind Readers

Make brochures for your readers, not you. What do you want them to think? What message are you trying to convey to them? These are some of the things you must keep in mind when designing your brochure. Make a brochure containing information that is clear and concise. The design should reflect the thoughts that are intended.

Bend the Box, Don’t Break it

Keep designs that are simple and consistent with your purpose. Don’t add elements to your brochure just for the sake of being different or unique. Sticking to original designs while keeping a good edge, will help create a splendid brochure.

Brochures Size matter

Selecting the right size for your brochure goes hand-in-hand with the design. Think about the size and material you want your brochure to be printed in. Typically, standard A4 is a preferred choice for brochures. But stop and ask if your brochure needs to be printed on a smaller or larger scale.

Stay on the copyright side

Always make sure to use images that aren’t subject to copyright. Doing so can lead to unwanted situations. This can be easily avoided by using copyright free images from websites such as Shutterstock. Use good quality photos which will enhance the overall look of your brochure.

Sample before you print brochures

Getting samples from the initial design process is often undervalued. This needs to be a part of your brochure design. Samples are a great way to check for corrections to be made. This simple way will save your time and money, resulting in a design that is polished.

Hope our tips makes cents.

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