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We meet your requirements for the full set of office stationery. We list here the things we print on a regular basis, but If you have a new requirement listed here please to let us know and we will readily do it for you. We have over 1000+ clients for whom we have printed business cards, letter-heads, envelopes, bill book, NCR, invoice stationery, vouchers, diaries, calendars, corporate identity kits, and more.

As Dubai’s leading printing press for small and medium businesses we have a reputation for quality, service and price. You can count on us to meet your expectations.

Office Stationery serves the dual objective of utility and brand visibility. The legibility of the stationery improves the utility of the stationery and the printing sharpness, paper and colour enhance the value of the brand.

Veesham Printing Press achieves this objective by understanding customer requirements and working diligently to deliver on specifications. We offer a fine selection of paper for your business cards and can print on most substrates including plastic. We also specialize in customized printing with photo cards.

We can do small print jobs and rush jobs without compromising quality thanks to our versatile digital printing machines and expertise.

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