5 Benefits of Screen Printing

In recent times, screen printing has become the heart and soul of many bulk printing operations. It first rose to popularity in the 18th century, when it became easy to import silk mesh – a key component of screen printing – from the East. In the 19th century, screen printing became prevalent in the advertising world, and from then on, it has been used widely across many industries, including retail and electronics due to the easy customization possibilities it affords.

While screen printing can be manual – especially used when there are only small print runs required – it is very often automated, using advanced inks and materials in combination with computer technology to mass print. One of the biggest advantages of screen printing is that it can print on almost any kind of surface, be it fabric, paper, glass, wood, card, plastic, or leather. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the screen printing process.

screen printing on paper bags

1. Versatility

One of the main advantages of screen printing is its versatility. It can be used on any type of fabric, plastic, wood, glass, or even metal. Plus, multiple colors can be used. There is almost endless design freedom when using screen printing. Veesham majorly deals with two-color screen printing on paper.

2. Durability

Compared to other printing methods, screen printing can apply for heavy ink coverage, resulting in a durable design. Additionally, certain coatings and additives can make the ink resistant to UV rays, scratches, moisture, and chemicals, allowing screen-printed products to be used outdoors and in harsh environments without fading.

3. Vibrancy of Colors

The vibrant and bolder colors produced by screen printing are quite tricky to replicate with other techniques. For multiple color designs, separate layers are used, which allows each color to preserve its actual brilliance.

4. Cost Effective

Screen printing is a cost-effective method in the longer run. Once the set-up is done, it is relatively quick and easy to print items at high volumes. So, it’s safe to say the more you print, the cheaper the unit cost becomes.

5. Speed and Efficiency

Screen printing is one of the most efficient and fast printing techniques once a screen has been created. It is an excellent option if the same design is to be printed over and over again. The screen printing process is also fairly straightforward, whether it is automated or done manually. Moreover, the required tools are also not hard or costly to replace.

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