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Packaging is our passion and our forte. As the top 10 paper packaging company for discerning customers we are trusted with commercial as well as personal packaging items like boxes, bags, wrappers, frames, sleeves and jackets.

We can print and fabricate most requirements for paper packaging in the cosmetics, personal care, food, chocolates, and confectionary segment.

Our Luxury Packaging Service has a designed to serve the special needs of boutiques, specialty shops, product designers, and fashion gurus looking for exquisite packing for their ideas. We also cater to personal requirement for festival boxes and gift-wraps with special emphasis on occasions like Ramadan, Eid, Diwali, Easter, Christmas and New Year.

Retail shops and restaurants get their paper bags manufactured by us in different shapes and sizes at economical cost. Our sturdy construction, precision printing, and quality material makes us the Most Preferred Press for Printing and Packaging in Dubai.

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