Our EcoSense is based on the 3 R’s of environment friendly practices also known as the Waste Hierarchy model.

Our approach is not just in terms of the physical aspect such as material in the form of paper, inks, glue, binders, but also in terms of design and production volume.



Our attention to design layouts ensures that we produce as little waste as possible in the first place. Skilled designers with the help of experienced machine operators ensure that waste is kept to a minimum.

printing press

Production Volume

We do not encourage excessive volume when our experience in handling multiple clients has taught us of the optimum volume required for achieving business objectives. We know the left-over and waste produced in promotions, events, annual print-runs and use our knowledge to guide customers. We also advise on splitting production runs to regular periods to reduce over-stock and wastage.


Waste Management

Our staff is trained to isolate waste and exploit the opportunity to re-use in subsequent jobs. This saves money as well as the effort for recycling.

Material that needs to be recycled is segregated carefully and is periodically disposed with the help of Dubai Municipality workers. We also strictly follow the waste disposal regulations in the city.


Inks and Chemicals

We use inks and chemicals that are safe and certified for use in our printing press. The chemicals do not produce any harmful impact on the environment and are disposed responsibly.