Is Print Media Really Dead?

Print is Dead. Long Live Digital!   Chants like these have been reverberating for many years now, and while there is a noticeable reduction in the volume of printing in offices, we still have printers and copiers in an office of any appreciable size. 

Advertising dollars may have migrated to the cloud, but the benefits of printed collateral have still not vanished into thin air. As a printing company, I do have vested interest in keeping the banner of PRINT flying, but you may agree, after reading this piece, that Print is Alive and there are benefits in complementing or supplementing with digital.

Print media scores ahead of digital on many fronts and mostly because of the perishable nature of digital presence.  


A print is a physical thing and can stay in the physical state longer than digital media which can be destroyed with a click.  A digital article can vanish instantly but not a printed magazine or newspaper or journal that will stay in the house or office for years to come.


Online media allows for quick editing and that is a danger. Print requires, because of its irreversible nature, better proof-reading and hence has fewer errors when compared to online material. There is more precision in the final product.


Words printed on paper give more legitimacy as compared to the digital content online. The main factor would be the transient nature of anything digital. When you look for credibility, print surpasses digital on all counts.


A brand that you can touch and feel makes a better connection to your customers than an online display of your brand. In print, you can use different materials and finishes to give your brand an extra feel. The experience on print is far superior to gazing at a brand online even if you animate it.


Printed marketing collateral by its very nature is easier to control and direct to the right audience. Online targeting can be controlled but it is still like hitting a target with a blindfold.  Use printed products to target better.


A printed paper will be more engaging and experiential as it involves holding it in your hand and interacting with it. It is easier to read crisp prints and faster too. A display screen, comparatively, is less engaging and a little more tedious to read than printed paper.

More Mileage

The dwindling share of print ads can be an advantage because you now get lower prices as well as higher visibility in the print medium. Your leaflets have a better chance of being read as fewer leaflets are now stuffed in newspapers or circulated door-to-door. Get extra mileage out of your marketing spend.

I conclude with the assertion that print media continues to offer the benefits it always did. Digital media can act as a supplement to print. Vice-versa you may move online but you must supplement with print media to ensure that you get the best of both media. Both co-exist, and at times print is the only way to get the eyeballs. 

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