Sleeve Packaging: Applications And Benefits You Need To Know

Sleeve packaging is paper wrapped around a product for protective, promotional, and informative purposes. Sleeves seal the product preventing tampering, damage, and pilferage of content. It can display ingredients, nutritional value, and specific instructions for use. Covering the product partially exposes what is required to be visible.  

Sleeve packaging is a good idea to promote your product. An appealing sleeve packaging can attract customers and help you move off the shelf faster. 

Veesham prints sleeve packaging for a wide range of industries and products and we share with you a few applications and the benefits of sleeve packaging. 

Food and beverages 

Proper packaging is important in the food industry. Food containers or foam trays covered with a transparent cover and a well-designed sleeve get the meal picked up faster. Sleeves are inserted on dairy products, confectionaries, egg crates, and beverages mainly to display nutritive information and shelf-life of the product. 

Additionally, when rolled over a soft drink or coffee cup, sleeves absorb easily the droplets from a cold beverage and make holding a hot beverage possible.  It protects the fingers of the coffee and tea lovers everywhere. The wraparound sleeve of a beverage gives your brand the visibility from any of its 360-degree angle. 

Cosmetics and soaps 

Sleeves wrapped around transparently packed soap bars allow interaction with the product adding a new dimension to branding. With a part of the soap visible to the customer, it allows the customer to spot colors and differentiate between textures.  

Cosmetics are an integral part of a women’s beauty routine. Sleeves beautifully designed around make-up kits act as a silent salesman, giving hints about the shade and texture which is a criterion for selection. Even a sleeve carefully designed around a shaving kit can make it appear more vintage. 

Jewelry Boxes 

A shrink sleeve designed attractively will exude elegance and glamour to your jewelry box. Sleeves swaddled around the jewelry case and decked with a ribbon containing a personal message will win the hearts and attention of anyone that receives it. 

Gift boxes 

Custom-printed sleeves encasing gift boxes enhance presentability to the recipient.  

For birthdays or anniversaries, you can custom makes gift sleeves to convey your message with love. Christmas and New Year seasons are the most-awaited time of the year to exchange gifts with festive greeting messages. A sleeve on the gift box is a perfect way to add complete finishing. 

 Printing sleeves is a process that entails many steps and at Veesham, our extensive experience in printing sleeves can be leveraged for your requirements. Initially, the product to be wrapped, and the material for the sleeve is selected. Secondly, your design is transferred to our production systems to prepare the print layouts. Finally, the die-cuts are produced, printing is done, and the final finishing is applied. 

We look forward to meeting your requirements for sleeve packaging. 

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